Language settings


There are specific settings depending on your device operating system.

1. For Android - Yubo uses the primary language your device is set in, if Yubo is not in the correct language make sure your device is set to the same language you want Yubo to be in.

2. For IOS - you can go to your device Settings - App - Yubo - Language and choose the preferred language. If language not supported when this is the second language set by default.

If Yubo still isn't in the correct language, please try the following solutions.

1. Make sure you have the latest version of Yubo installed

2. Log out and force close the app and log back into your Yubo account

3. Uninstall and reinstall Yubo

4. Restart your device

If these solutions don't resolve the issue, please follow the steps in the below support article to submit a bug report. How can I report a bug?

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