Voice messages

Introducing Voice Messages: Express Yourself, Your Way!

Get ready to take your conversations to the next level with our awesome new feature: voice messages! Here's what you need to know:

  1. Let Your Voice Shine: Send voice messages up to 1 minute long to express your personality and emotions authentically.

  2. No Limits, Automatic Sending: Don't worry about going over the time limit. If your message exceeds 1 minute, it will be automatically sent.

  3. Oops! Cancel and Retry: Swipe left to cancel a voice message if it's not what you intended. Start fresh or switch to another form of communication.

  4. See it in action:


How to Get Started:

  • iOS Users: Update your app to version 4.11.68 or later to access voice messages.

  • Android Users: Update your app to version 4.72.0 or later to access voice messages.

Unleash the power of your voice and make your conversations come alive with voice messages. Let your friends hear the real you and share your thoughts effortlessly. Happy chatting, because your voice matters!




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