Security notification

We now send you a notification when your backup email address has been updated. This article aims at explaining to you what to do in case you receive this notification but you haven't updated the email address yourself.

This may happen if someone else has managed to gain access to your account, but let's make sure you can tackle this efficiently 💪 

What to do

1 - Log into your account and update your password right away

2 - If you're using the same password on different apps and/or websites, we strongly advise you to update all of them at the same time. If someone got hold of it, it's likely that the person will try to access other accounts or that it started with other accounts

3 - Check the email address & update it back to one that you own if necessary

If for some reason you do not manage to log into your account, please don't worry! Make sure to get in touch with us through this form. Our team will make sure to help you get back into your account. Make sure to add to your request a picture of yourself holding up a sign YUBO TEAM with today's date written on it.

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