Suspension reasons

So you've just logged into your account, and you've noticed that you're temporarily suspended from using the app. This article will help you understand what happened so that you can make sure this never happens again in the future.

Two good news:

➙ Suspension cannot happen because another user reported you for fun.

➙ We investigate all reports to be sure to take the right decision.

Why was I suspended?

There are many reasons which can explain why you've been suspended, so we've made sure to list here the most frequent reasons:

  • You've used the screen-sharing feature during a live and we've been able to detect some explicit content on your screen. We're super strict about this, be extra careful when you share your screen.
  • You've been streaming while driving
  • You've been bullying or harassing other users from the community
  • You've participated in pretty explicit behavior during a livestream
  • You've been asking for nudes 
  • You've threatened or intimidated other users
  • You've been disrespectful to other users
  • You've ignored repeated warnings from our team
  • You've advertised or used drugs during a livestream
  • You've used/displayed firearms or toy (plastic) guns
  • You shared extremist or terrorist symbols or ideas

Can you lift my suspension?

Suspensions have to last until the end of the suspension period and cannot be lifted once applied. 

So what can I do?

While waiting for the end of your suspension, we strongly advise you to have a quick look at our Community Guidelines. They will help you understand what's authorized and what's not authorized on Yubo. We count on you to help us build a welcoming and friendly environment.


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