How do I delete my account if I lost access to it?


If for any reason you cannot delete your account yourself, please contact our support using this form and attach all of the following so we can verify your identity:

  1. A high quality and colour image of one of the following: Government issued Photo ID, Driver's license, Passport, School ID card, or Birth Certificate.

  2. A high quality and colour image of you holding your chosen form of ID next to your face.

  3. A photo of yourself holding a handwritten note that reads "Yubo Team Support" and the current date. For example, "Yubo Team Support 12/5/18".

Once we receive your submission, we will review it as soon as possible. If we successfully verify your identity we will delete your account for you.

Note: If you are having issues uploading the photos from a mobile phone or tablet, please try submitting the photos to this form from a computer.

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