Elite Pack

What is the Elite Pack and what are the differences between the Power Pack and the Elite Pack?



The Elite Pack is a Premium offer that includes all the Power Pack perks you already love, plus 4 new exclusive features :

See who viewed your profile

You’ll be able to see a list of everyone who has viewed your profile. You can send them a Spotlight Message. 


Spotlight Message

Spotlight Messages allow you to send a message to people you aren’t friends with yet. If they answer, you’ll automatically become friends. 


See your swipe history

See a list of everyone you’ve swiped right on. Then send a message to the people you want to connect with.



If I upgrade to the Elite pack from Power Pack will I have to pay for both?

No, you will only pay for the upgraded pack - the Elite one.


What are Spotlight Messages?

Spotlight Messages allow you to message people you are not friends with yet, whilst making the message that you send stand out for the recipient. 

As soon as the recipient answers to your message you automatically become friends.


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