Reporting a user - How To

We've put in place strict community guidelines to make Yubo as friendly and welcoming as possible ☀️

It's possible that you meet other users infringing our guidelines when using Yubo. If that's the case, we count on you to help us by reporting those users. We've got a whole team working reports to make sure the right call is taken 💪

How to do this

1. Hit on the profile pic of the user to visit the profile page 

2. Hit the little shield icon with a question mark in the top-right corner  Capture_d_e_cran_2020-04-13_a__15.24.03.png

3. You'll be offered several options: Unfriend / Block / Report. Hit Report

4. You'll be asked to select a report reason, carefully select the right one:


It's especially important if you feel like one of your friends is at immediate risk (self-harm, suicide).

We're really counting on you to make Yubo the safest possible app 🔥

What else

➙ If another user is degrading the quality of your Yubo experience, don't forget that you can also block this user 🚫


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