Why was my bio removed?

We're doing our best to make Yubo as welcoming and friendly as possible. This also means that we've put in place some rules to make sure of this.

Whenever your bio ends up being removed, just make sure to double-check what's not authorized and re-write it without the unauthorized part 

So what's not allowed in bios?

Here is some of the content that we don't allow in bios:

  • Dating related information (specifying that you are single or in a relationship, that you're looking for someone, etc.)
  • Private information about yourself or other users  (phone numbers, addresses, etc.)
  • Sexual references of any sort
  • Mentioning the use of drugs or the search for it
  • Hate Speech (racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc.) or Hateful Speeches (advocating violence, threats, terrorism etc.)
  • Any content which can be considered as bullying towards other users
  • Advertisement for any kind of paid service/product/content
  • Mentioning PayPal addresses, Cashapp usernames or any other paymentapp.
  • Requesting or offering money

Make sure to also check-out our Community Guidelines for more info on what's allowed and what's not allowed on Yubo.

We know we're stricter than most social media, but we strongly believe that this is necessary to create a welcoming app. We count on you to help us create the friendliest possible environment 🙏 💪

Did your bio not include any of the above?

Mistakes can happen, and we definitely know this is annoying for you when it does. That's why we're constantly working on improving the accuracy of our AI! ✌

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