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This page provides a short overview of what we do with your personal information and how we protect your privacy. 

This does not replace our Privacy Policy; it only highlights key points of it for Yubo users. For full details about our privacy practices, check out our Privacy Policy

To make it more fun, please watch the video below which summarizes how we protect your privacy in less than two minutes.


What is ‘personal data’ and the ‘right to privacy’?


Personal data is:

  • Data that relates to you, like your identity,  your personality, your name, email address, an image of you, and also things like your interests and preferences. 
  • Data that relates to your location, such as your address or GPS coordinates. 
  • Data that relates to your online activities, such as your settings, device information, browsing information, user-generated content, or user journey. 


Basically, the right to privacy is the right to have some control over how your personal information is collected and used in a digital space. For example, you have the right to be informed about what a company does with your data, and you have the right to request access to your data, to have it rectified, or erased. All your privacy rights are detailed in the Privacy Policy (Section 9). 


Below are 7 guiding rules regarding your personal data and privacy rights. 


Rule #1: Data at a Minimum.


We need some data like a picture of your face and your date of birth to identify you on YUBO for everyone's safety. 


We also process some information related to your device for technical reasons and data related to the content you post on YUBO, so we can share it with other users on the platform. 


You do not have to provide us with any information that we do not absolutely need, such as your email address, interests, gender, etc. All of this information is optional. 


Rule #2: No ads on YUBO. 


We do NOT sell your data. Nor do we track your activity on YUBO to subject you to sponsored content or ads. 


Our revenue is generated from paid features if users want to be able to do more things on YUBO, such as gain more visibility, access more interactions with others, collect pixels, and more.


Rule #3: Data for Your Safety


Moderation is necessary for the safety of everyone on YUBO. We have to process personal data in order to moderate content. For example, if a content violates our Community Guidelines, our moderators must identify the content in violation and apply necessary actions to the user. 


Moderation is not the only thing we do to keep YUBO safe. We also use technology automatically detect violations of our guidelines, filter inappropriate content, or send you alerts to remind you of our rules, and also to automatically verify your age when you sign up. 


Children who are 13 years old or younger are not allowed to use YUBO. Therefore, we require you to estimate your age at sign-up via a partnership with Yoti, an industry-leading age estimation system. We may also require you to verify your identity if we suspect that you lied about your age or if you are engaged in inappropriate or unlawful conduct on YUBO.  


Rule #4: Data for a Better Experience.


We only use your data to provide our services and improve your experience on YUBO. For example, you can set your swipe or live video settings as you wish, or you can post content on YUBO like your bio, a private message, or a video. We need to store this content on our servers so that it can function online. 


To improve the platform we watch trends, notice how you use YUBO, what features you like and dislike, and other usage metrics. We are not interested in getting to know your individual activity, but rather understand how our community uses YUBO so we can grow the app in that direction.


Rule #5: No Geolocation of Under 18s.


We do not allow our users under 18 to enable location services in order to protect their privacy. 


Users above 18 need to give their prior consent to enable geolocation and can revoke it at any time inside the Yubo app.


Rule #6: Your Settings, Your Privacy. 


YUBO is designed with privacy protection at its core. This means that you can control your data through the in-app settings:

  • Go to ‘Account’ if you’d like to rectify some data;
  • Go to ‘Safety and Privacy’ if you’d like to manage your permissions, blocked users, add or remove muted words, or request your data.  
  • Go to ‘Push notifications’ if you’d like to allow us, or not, to send you notifications.
  • Go to ‘Swipe settings’ if you’d like to manage swipe specification or if you would prefer us to hide your profile from appearing in swipes.. 
  • Go to ‘Delete Account’ if you’d like to leave YUBO and remove your profile. 

More information about your account settings can be found here


Rule #7: Our Commitment to Compliance with Data Privacy Regulations. 


As you may know, YUBO is available in many countries, where data protection laws may vary. For instance: 


We take into account local requirements when providing our services. However, be aware that your rights may be different depending on your country of residence.  

Thanks for reading!

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