YuBucks - Yubo's official Currency

Yubucks can be spent on our usual Powers (Boosts, Spotlights, Turbos, Pixels & Fast-Adds).

This article contains all the info you need to know about YuBucks

What are YuBucks? ?

YuBucks are Yubo's very own currency. Think of them as coins you can use to acquire our usual powers. They are really handy since it means that whenever you purchase YuBucks, you don't have to know in advance how you'll use them. They also don't expire if you don't use them, so you've got all the time you need to decide on the powers you'll choose.

YuBucks are available through different packages or subscriptions:



How can I purchase YuBucks? 

YuBucks can be purchased directly through the app. Just visit My Profile & tap the YuBucks balance to acquire one of the available packs.


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How do I know how many YuBucks I already have? 

You can check out your current YuBucks balance at any given time. To do that, simply go to My Profile and scroll down a bit to see your balance.



How can I earn YuBucks? 

You can earn YuBucks by receiving Pixels, you will get 30% of the value in YuBucks of the Pixel. The value received is rounded down: for a pixel costing 775 YuBucks, the user receives 232 YuBucks.



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