I don't want to send my ID

If your account is locked and you're forced to verify your identity, we totally get that you might be afraid of sharing your ID to complete the verification process, whether you're trying to get verified through Yoti or through our team.

Let's give you more info about this 💡

About Yoti

If you want to learn more about Yoti, start by checking this article 👈

Yoti is one of the safest apps out there when it comes to proving your identity online. We've chosen them among many other companies for their level of security.

Bear also in mind that they don't share your ID document with us: we'll only get your Yoti profile picture as well as a confirmation of your birthdate.

The rest of the information, including your ID, is fully encrypted on Yoti's end 🔒 Only you have the capacity to access it. 

About getting verified without Yoti

If you can't use Yoti, you might try to get verified through our support team.

We make sure to delete your pictures once the verification has been completed, we're simply using them to make sure of your age and identity 🕵️‍♂️




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