How to avoid your verification being rejected


👉 Rejection Reasons - Yoti Verification

👉 Rejection Reasons - In-App Identity check

👉 Rejection Reasons - Verification through our support team

Rejected Yoti Verification

Here is a list of the most important reasons that could explain the rejection of your Yoti verification request:

  • You don't have a verification friendly profile picture 
  • Your Yoti profile picture isn't usable (face barely visible, bad lighting, etc.)
  • The identity of the person on your profile doesn't match your Yoti identity. Please do make sure to avoid doing this: trying to verify under a false identity can lead up to a permanent ban from Yubo ⛔

Rejected In-App Identity check

We've created an article fully dedicated to this topic, make sure to check it out 🔍

Rejected verification from our support team

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