Privacy Policy

YUBO is a social live-streaming platform that connects millions of young people all over the world. Our goal is to provide a safe and trusted space so that all users can have a positive and respectful experience on YUBO. Protecting our users as well as their privacy is a major priority for us.

That's why we only use your personal data to let you enjoy the features on YUBO, to improve your experience on the platform or to send you information about Yubo. You can rest assured that we will never sell your personal data to anyone, especially advertisers.

In this Privacy Policy, you'll find all the information you need on how we process personal data. Please read it carefully, and remember that it applies every time you use Yubo.

We have made the policy as clear and accessible as possible, but if you have any questions about it or about how your data is being used, please contact our team at

California Notice of Collection of Personal Information:We collect the personal information listed below under “Data We Collect” for the purposes described below under “How We Use Your Data.” To learn more about your California privacy rights, please scroll down to “Your California Privacy Rights.”


This Privacy Policy describes our privacy practices and provides useful information about how we use the personal information of individuals using our services or interacting with us. This document applies when you visit any website or app operated by TWELVE APP SAS (“TWELVE APP”, “we”, “us”, “our”) or under the YUBO brand, and/or when you use any product or service provided by TWELVE APP SAS. 

By “personal information” or “personal data”, we mean any piece of information that identifies you directly (for example: your photo, your name, your email address) or indirectly (for example: your user id, your location, the technical information related to your device).  

When you use the YUBO App (“YUBO”) or visit our website, we collect information about you.


















We are driven by two core values when providing our products and services: 

  • We highly value your privacy. It means that all the features on YUBO have been built to be privacy-oriented from day one. It is called "privacy by design". Most importantly, we do not sell your personal data, nor do we make any profit with your personal data. We make revenues from the paid features and packages available on the app. 
  • Your safety is our priority. Our teams are dedicated to ensuring that you can use YUBO in a safe and appropriate manner. As a technology platform, we have various means to combat conduct and content that may be harmful or offensive to a young audience. You can report any behavior that you feel is inappropriate directly in the app. Our moderation specialists work hard to make sure our Community Guidelines are respected. 

In short, we carefully design our products and services to protect your privacy while providing you with a safe experience. We believe that this will give you confidence to make meaningful connections on YUBO.



TWELVE APP SAS publishes YUBO, a social network that enables you to make friends and engage with them, in particular through live video. It also publishes

TWELVE APP SAS is the “controller” of your personal data as described in this Privacy Policy, unless specified otherwise. We are a French company and our head office is at 59 rue de Ponthieu, bureau 562, 75008 Paris, France.



To make YUBO work, we collect the information (3.1) which you provide to us directly, as well as (3.2) information that we collect automatically. ​​Some information about you is visible to other users. So be very careful about what information you wish to disclose when using YUBO. 


3.1. Data you provide to us directly


Registration data.In order to be able to use YUBO, you must create an account and provide us with the following personal details:

  • Your mobile number, which is not visible to other users.
  • Your name and pseudonym, both of which are visible to other users.
  • Your date of birth. Other users who are your friends will be able to see your age but not your date of birth. 
  • Your gender. You can choose to specify it or not. This information is not visible to other users.
  • Your profile picture. Your face should be clearly recognizable in your profile picture. This allows us and other users to identify you on YUBO.  
  • We also require an additional picture of your face to estimate your age from your facial features, to make sure that it is consistent with the birth date you indicated in your profile. This allows us to fight against fake profiles, fraud, and unlawful conduct.  
  • The password that will enable you to sign in. This data is not visible to other users, and you should never share your password with anyone. 

All the foregoing information is necessary in order for you to create your profile and sign up on YUBO.

You may, if you so wish, complete other sections of your profile: emoji, bio, e-mail. This information is optional.

Your interaction(s) with us.If you report a user or content on YUBO, request help, make a claim, participate in a survey or exercise your privacy rights (as mentioned in Section 9 below), we will process the information contained in your request/report/claim/feedback as well as the data relating to your YUBO account. We will also process information if another user reports you. This kind of information is not shared nor visible to other users. 

If you wish to become a verified profile, or if we have a reasonable doubt about your identity or age, we will request an ID document (which we will remove shortly after the ID verification). 

Your location (GPS coordinates).Subject to your consent, we collect and process data concerning your location. This allows you, depending on your settings, to display the city where you are located in your profile and to add people around you as friends. Your precise location (GPS coordinates) is not visible to other users. In addition, geolocation is disabled for users under 16 years old and cannot be turned on. 

The contents you share on YUBO.When you use features available on YUBO we will process and store the contents you share as well as the associated technical data (such as the date, device information, IP address). Such contents may include the following personal data, depending on your activity: 

  • Photos, videos, and information you choose to share in your profile. Such information is visible to other users. 
  • Videos and comments in the live videos. Such information is visible to other users. 
  • Messages and photos exchanged in the chat. Such information is only visible to the recipient of the messages/photo you sent. You can only send private messages to users who have accepted you as “friend”. We may send you warnings before you send potentially unsafe content (such as your home address) or filter inappropriate content we would detect. 
  • Technical data associated with your content such as your IP address or device information is not visible to other users. 

You should always be aware that the content you share on YUBO may be viewed by other users with whom you are interacting, who may save your content through their device (for example by taking a screenshot of their phone).

When using YUBO, we do not encourage you to share sensitive information such as data revealing your racial or ethnic origin, your political opinions, religious beliefs, or data concerning your health, your sex life, or your sexual orientation.It is, however, your freedom of expression to do so. In this case, you should be aware that you are manifestly making this information public.  

Your swipe preferences.We process your settings (such as gender, age, and distance) in the swipe feature so we show you profiles according to your preferences. These settings are not visible to other users. In addition, you can choose not to be seen by other users in the swipe features. 

Device address book.With your permission, we can access your contacts on your device who would already be registered on YUBO. If you wish, you can also send a message to your contacts who are not registered on YUBO to ask them to join you on the app. 

Access to your camera, photos, and videos.In order to send and upload your photos or videos from your device and use the live video feature, we need your permission to access your media and your camera.


3.2. Data we collect automatically when you use our services


Information on user acquisition.With your permission, we collect technical information such as your advertising IDs (which are randomly generated numbers that you can reset in your device’s settings) to help us measure the performance of our marketing campaigns and attribution (more information in Section 4.3 below).

Information about your activity on YUBO.Your use of our services leads to the collection of the following data: 

  • the YUBO id associated with your account,
  • the date you signed up, 
  • the date you last logged in, 
  • your country of residence, based on the country code of your phone number (not your geolocation),
  • your settings on YUBO, such as notification preferences,
  • your interactions with the YUBO features and other users (such as the number of likes or dislikes via the swipe feature). 

Information about your purchases on YUBO. If you purchase paid items available on YUBO, we will keep your purchase and subscription history; however, we do not process your payment details. This information is collected and processed by your app store (App Store, Google Play Store).

Data concerning devices and hardware:We collect the following information relating to the device(s) and hardware you use to access our services:

  • your IP address, 
  • your device brand and model, 
  • the advertising IDs e.g., Google’s AAID and Apple’s IDFA, both of which are randomly generated numbers that you can reset via your device settings, 
  • app bugs and crashes, 
  • version and language, 
  • your device’s operating system.

The collection of this type of data may involve the use of cookies or other tracking devices. For more information, read our Cookie Policy


We mostly need to use your personal data to provide you with the services offered on YUBO and to create a safe, smooth and high-quality experience for you. To give you more details and examples, you can read below the list of purposes for which your data may be used.  


4.1. To manage your account and your relationship with YUBO, and to make the app features available to you

  • Create and manage your user account (including access to YUBO services and Help). Depending on your jurisdiction, we may request parental permission before you can use YUBO.
  • Allow you to enjoy the features available on YUBO and that you request, including watching or streaming live videos, using the swipes to make new friends, adding fun content in your profile or in other features, getting your account ‘verified’, sending messages and photos to your friends, purchase paid items and/or subscriptions if you wish. 
  • Manage and store messages exchanged between users who have become friends and live videos.
  • Where appropriate, show you offers and content we think you’ll like, in particular when using certain paid services (e.g., YUBO’s ‘Power Pack’);
  • Manage and respond to your requests, questions and complaints addressed to our support team.

We rely on our Terms of Use as a legal basis for processing your personal data under this Section 4.1. Remember that these terms constitute a contract between you and TWELVE APP. 

Consent may be an additional legal basis in situations where we need parental permission to let you join YUBO.    


4.2. To improve our services and the user experience 

  • Measure how you use our services, which features you like the most, which ones you like less, make usage statistics of our app, and analyze them. 
  • Create and develop new features on YUBO, and perform tests before launching new features.
  • Understand the technical issues you may encounter, to resolve them. 
  • Manage our internal communication and marketing activities, such as the animation of the YUBO community, or internal statistical studies.  
  • Evaluate the quality of our responses when you contact our support team.
  • Improve the design of YUBO’s features, the technical operation of the app, and the way users can communicate through the app. 

We rely onTWELVE APP’s legitimate interests as a legal basis for processing your personal data under this Section 4.2. so that we understand your expectations and make your experience on YUBO fun and smooth.


4.3. To provide tailored services and access to some information from your device

  • Personalization of services according to your geolocation, to show you live videos nearby, or suggestions of friends nearby. The distance cannot be less than 30km and geolocation is disabled for users under 16 years old.
  • Access to your phone's address book to send friend requests to your contacts, or for you to suggest your contacts to join YUBO.
  • Access to your device's photo album, camera and micro to share images, videos and sound on YUBO.
  • To improve the quality of our augmented reality experiences, information from the TrueDepth camera is used in real time. We don’t store this information on our servers or share it with third parties.
  • Help us measure the performance of our marketing campaigns and attribution. It allows us for example to determine from which site or app you downloaded YUBO. Consult our Cookie Policy for more information about our use of cookies and tracking devices. 
  • Send you push notifications containing information about our products, safety updates, and interactions with other users.  

We rely on your consent as a legal basis for processing your personal data under this Section 4.3. You may withdraw your consent whenever you want. Your consent is usually collected and managed via the settings of YUBO and/or of your device. 


4.4. To ensure and enhance online safety on YUBO

  • Enforcement of policies and procedures to moderate content and profiles that go against our Community Guidelines. This includes the following actions: warning sent in the app, removal or filtering of inappropriate content, temporary disabling of functionality in the app (such as the chat), retention of data related to violations to prevent recurrences and limit the risks for other users, identity verification request to resume using YUBO, temporary account ban, permanent account ban. Actions that may materially affect your use of YUBO (such as a permanent ban) are decided by moderators, according to our internal policies. Some content can be automatically filtered to prevent users from being exposed to it. 
  • Development and implementation of automated technologies to detect violations of ourCommunity Guidelinesand/or manifestly illicit content. Using artificial intelligence, these technologies seek to recognize violations of our rules in the textual content, images, and audio of live videos. We strive to detect violations such as violence, drug use, spam, and sexually explicit, hateful, or discriminatory content as quickly as possible, even before they are reported. These tools support our moderation efforts and allow us to take immediate action when such violations happen. Suspected contents will in almost all cases be reviewed by a moderator. Only the removal or filtering of certain inappropriate content is not always subject to human review, especially to prevent the recipient from being exposed to such content.  
  • Development and implementation of procedures and technologies to fight against fraud, fake profiles, unsafe and/or harmful behavior for young people (for example grooming), and ensure the identification of our users. To this end:

  • Profiling for safety purposes. We temporarily flag users who we believe are engaging in unsafe conduct for our user community, in order to protect others from being exposed to repeated and offensive conduct and/or contents. Flagging these accounts allows our moderators to access them quickly to take moderation action, if necessary. The flag we apply expires shortly thereafter if no further violations occur. Actions that may materially affect your use of YUBO (such as a permanent ban) are decided by moderators, according to our internal policies.
  • Evaluation of the performance of our safety procedures, policies, and technologies mentioned in this Section 4.4, in order to improve them and develop new ones that we think could be more effective in improving your well-being and safety on YUBO. This includes, for example, the quality review of the work done by our moderators and support specialists, and training of our automated technologies to improve their accuracy over time using artificial intelligence. 

We rely onTWELVE APP’s legitimate interests as a legal basis for processing your personal data under this Section 4.4. so that YUBO remains a safe and respectful place of expression and safeguards the trust of our users. 

We also rely on our Terms of Use to enforce them in the event of a violation of our Terms of Service and/or our Community Guidelines.  

If you are a U.S. resident: Automated detection and scan of your face on your photos is considered biometric information in some States of the United States of America. We, therefore, require your consent to process this information. We only receive the result of the age estimation carried out by our partner Yoti, who does not keep the photo.


4.5. To comply with our legal obligations and cooperate with the competent authorities where necessary.

  • Implementation of a reporting functionality available to users and embedded in all app’s features, i.e. live videos, chat, and swipes. This allows you to report users or content that you believe violates our Community Guidelines. The reports you submit will then be reviewed by our moderators, who will take action against the reported content or user where appropriate. 
  • Assist law enforcement and remove manifestly unlawful content. We are required to contribute to the fight against criminal offenses online, to promptly remove or disable access to unlawful content as soon as we become aware of it, to notify competent authorities of some types of infringements, and to preserve data for investigations upon request. 
  • Compliance with any applicable legal or regulatory requirement. This notably includes the processing of your requests to exercise your privacy rights in accordance with Section 9. 

We rely on the relevant legal obligation to which we are subject as a legal basis for processing your personal data under this Section 4.5. 

Also note that, if necessary, we will use personal information to exercise or defend our legal rights in court, relying on our legitimate interest(s).


4.6. To manage life-threatening emergency situations for anyone using our services

  • Report to competent authorities. We will report situations or content presenting a life threat (such as self-harm or violence) to the competent authorities. Our moderators are trained to identify situations requiring urgent reporting to authorities, depending on the context; they create internal reports to be examined before being transmitted to the competent authorities. 
  • User assistance. Our specialists provide users in distress with relevant information and documentation. 

Depending on the situation, we rely on a legal obligation to which we are subject and/or to the protection of the vital interests of any natural person as a legal basis for processing personal data under this Section 4.6.




5.1. Account Validity Period


We keep your personal information as long as we need it to enable you to use our services. 

You can delete your account at any time in the YUBO settings by clicking on‘Delete my account’. When you delete your account, you will no longer be able to use our services, and your profile will no longer be accessible or visible to other users. 

Please note that we will delete your account if you are inactive on YUBO for two years, meaning that you do not access the app for a continuous period of two years. 


5.2. Specific Data Retention Periods


Not all the data we process have the same retention period, in particular regarding the following types of data:

  • Photos you sent in the chat, including those you may have deleted in the chat, are kept for 12 months. 
  • Videos and images from live videos are deleted quickly (within minutes to hours). Only screenshots of the live videos may be kept longer if the live videos are reported or if violations of our Community Guidelines are detected. 
  • We will retain content that is in violation of our Community Guidelines for a certain period of time, even if that content has been removed from the YUBO platform. The retention period may vary depending on the type of content and the type of violation. 
  • Your interactions with our support team can be kept for up to 5 years after the ticket is closed. It helps us follow up on our actions regarding support and defend ourselves in the event of a claim or legal action. 
  • Your geolocation, if enabled, is kept until your next access to YUBO; then it is replaced by your current geolocation. If you do not access YUBO again, your geolocation data will be kept for 12 months.
  • An ID document to verify an account will be deleted a few days after verification.  

Notwithstanding the provisions of Sections 5.1 and 5.2. above, we will retain some personal data for an additional period of time if we are legally required to do so. We may also need to keep personal information for the time necessary to resolve a dispute or to exercise or defend our legal rights. 




6.1. Data We Share


We do not sell personal data; we do not make profit with your personal data. We do not share personal data with third parties or affiliated companies for direct marketing purposes. 

We disclose personal data as described below:

  • TWELVE APP’s Personnel. Our authorized employees have access to and process your personal data as necessary to carry out the purposes listed in Section 4 above. They are subject to confidentiality obligations and access restrictions according to their duties. 
  • Service Providers. We share your personal data with service providers to help us operate and improve our services. For example, we use service providers to host our services which involve the processing of your personal data; to monitor the performance of the services; to moderate content on YUBO; to detect violations of our Community Guidelines; to store support tickets and/or provide assistance to users; to offer additional features in our services. We only select service providers who offer strong data protection guarantees and who agree to security and confidentiality obligations. 
  • Change of Ownership. If we are involved in a bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, reorganization, divesture, restructuring, sale of assets, or other change of control transaction, we may need to transfer your personal data to another entity as part of that transaction. This Privacy Policy will continue to apply to personal data transmitted to the new entity.
  • Affiliates.We may disclose personal data to TWELVE APP’s affiliated companies to help operate the services or for any other purpose listed in Section 4 above.
  • Legal Rights Enforcement. As we deem necessary to defend our legal rights or to enforce any agreement such as our Terms of Use, prepare our defense, and engage in any litigation or lawsuit, we may share data with competent courts, public officials or bodies, legal counsel, and/or experts. 

Legal Obligations and Public Safety.To the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations, we may communicate personal data to law enforcement, judicial, or administrative authorities; in response to lawful orders or requests, subpoena or search warrant; to protect the safety of any person; to preserve the security and integrity of the services or to protect the rights and freedoms or property of us or of other users.


6.2. Data You Share


When you use our services, for example by chatting with another user or showing yourself in a live video, you share personal data with other users. Any information, text, image, or video you share on YUBO is part of your personal data. You should therefore be very careful about the information and content you wish to share online. 

Note that we cannot prevent you from sharing data when using our services, nor can we control what users who receive it may do with it. We will send you a warning before you share some private information so that you understand the consequences of your actions.



TWELVE APP is a French company with affiliates, contractors, and service providers located in several countries around the world. For that reason, TWELVE APP needs to transfer (via communication, access, storage…) your personal data in other jurisdictions than the one to which you belong, including in countries with different privacy laws and which may not be recognized as "adequate" by the European Commission, especially the United States of America. 

Therefore, we implement appropriate safeguards (such as the European Commission’s Standard Contractual Clauses where EU data protection laws apply) to ensure that all cross-border transfers comply with applicable rules. To obtain a copy of these Standard Contractual Clauses, you can contact our privacy team at the following address:



TWELVE APP has taken steps to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your personal data. We are doing our best efforts to maintain security measures appropriate to the level of risk involved in the data processing. 

We are continually working to improve our security practices to ensure that your data is kept secure. 

While we make every effort to help ensure the integrity and security of our network and systems, we cannot guarantee that our security measures will be effective in all circumstances. That is why it is also your responsibility to keep your data such as your password confidential and to immediately notify us in case of a breach of confidentiality of your account data.



TWELVE APP is committed to providing you with several rights regarding your personal data, in accordance with applicable laws.

The conditions for exercising these rights may differ according to the applicable laws and regulations. These rights may be limited as provided by applicable laws and regulations, the rights and freedoms of other people, our confidentiality obligations, trade secrets, and/or the protection of intellectual property rights. Where relevant, you will be informed of the reasons why TWELVE APP could not fulfill all or part of your request.

Here are your privacy rights:

  • You have aright to access your personal data and aright to data portability, in which case you may receive a copy of such data in a commonly used format. The easiest way to obtain the requested information is to exercise your right of access directly in the YUBO account settings >Safety and privacy>Personalization and data>Get my data.
  • You have aright to obtain rectification of your personal data should they be inaccurate, incomplete, or obsolete. You can update most of your data directly in your YUBO account.
  • You have aright to erasure(or “right to be forgotten”) of your personal data. The easiest way to do that is to request the deletion of your account in the YUBO settings >Delete my account.
  • You have aright to withdraw your consentif we rely on your consent to process your data. In most cases, you can withdraw your consent via your device settings. This way you can manage your permissions regarding notifications, geolocation, access to the camera, your photos, and to your contacts.
  • You have aright to object to the processing of your personal data if you have a reason due to your particular situation. 
  • You have aright to restriction of the data processing in some cases, such as if you contest the accuracy of your data, if the processing is unlawful, or if we no longer need your personal data but you need them for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims. 
  • You have the right to issue instructions regarding the retention, deletion, and disclosure of your personal data after your death.

Please note that exercising one of these rights (e.g. by refusing the processing of all or part of your personal data) may impair your experience on YUBO. 

If you cannot or do not wish to exercise your rights directly in the app, you can contact our privacy team at We will respond to you as soon as possible.

You also have a right to file a complaint before a competent data protection authority regarding the processing of your personal data. While we suggest that you contact TWELVE APP beforehand to fix the issue, you may directly contact the competent data protection authority. You can find more information about your data protection authority if you live in the European Union here, or in the UK here.


Provisions applicable to residents of the United States of America:

The following provisions may be applied or interpreted differently depending on your state's privacy laws. 

Content Removal for Users Under Age 18.  If you are a U.S. resident and are under the age of 18, you may request the removal of the content you have posted by sending an email to or using the app settings >Contact>My Data. All requests state “U.S. Removal Request” in the email subject line and provide a description of the content that is reasonably sufficient to permit us to locate the content. We do not accept requests for removal through other means. We may not be able to respond if you do not provide sufficient information about the content you want to be removed, and we may not remove content if consistent with applicable law (e.g., the content was posted or shared by a third party). Any removal of posted content does not ensure complete or comprehensive removal of the content (e.g., the content is invisible to other users but remains on our servers in some form in accordance with our policies). 

Do Not Track.We do not respond to Do Not Track signals that your browser may send to us.

Your U.S. Privacy Rights.If you are a U.S. resident, you may take advantage of the following rights:

  • Right to Know: If you are a U.S. resident, you may request, up to two times each year, that we disclose to you the categories and/or specific pieces of personal information that we collect, use, and disclose. We will respond to your request within 45 days unless we need additional time, in which case we will let you know.
  • Right to Delete: Subject to certain exceptions, you may request that we delete personal information that we have collected from you. There are some reasons we will not be able to fully address your request, such as if we need a complete transaction for you, to detect and protect against fraudulent and illegal activity, to exercise our rights, or to comply with a legal obligation.

To exercise your rights,  please contact us at the email mentioned above (“”) or use the privacy settings directly in-app. When making written requests, you must put the statement “Your U.S. Privacy Rights”  in the subject field. We are not responsible for notices that are not labeled or sent properly or do not have the complete information. We may take steps to verify your identity before responding to your requests to know or delete your personal information by asking questions about your interactions with us. 

You have the right to use an authorized agent to submit your requests. Please direct your agent to reach out by email at with the aforementioned required subject line. Authorized agents must submit proof of the consumer’s signed authorization to make a request. We may require you to verify your identity directly with us prior to fulfilling your authorized agent’s request. 

If you exercise any of the foregoing rights, we will not discriminate against you, including by denying or restricting access to our services.

U.S. Disclosures 

In addition to the disclosures elsewhere in this Privacy Policy, we provide U.S. residents with the following disclosures in accordance with applicable U.S. state laws:

  • Categories of Personal Information Collected:In the last 12 months, we collected the following categories of personal information for the business and commercial purposes described above in this Privacy Policy: 

Biological information/identifiers, characteristics of protected classifications under California or federal law (i.e., gender, age), internet or other electronic network activity information, geolocation information, visual information, and inferences drawn from the above. For more information about the information that we collect, please see “Data We Collect”, above. The sources of the information are the consumer and analytics providers. 

  • Categories of Personal Information Sold:In the last 12 months, we have not sold personal information. 
  • Categories of Personal Information Disclosed for a Business Purpose: In the last 12 months, we have disclosed the following categories of personal information for a business purpose (such as with our service providers who are restricted from using your personal information outside the scope of their services for us):  

Biological information/identifiers, characteristics of protected classifications under California or federal law (i.e., gender, age), internet or other electronic network activity information, geolocation information, visual information, and inferences drawn from the above. To learn more, please see “Who We Share Your Data With” above.



Protecting children’s privacy is important to us. We do not direct YUBO to, nor do we knowingly collect any personal information from, children under the age of thirteen. 

We do not allow you to create an account and use YUBO if you are under 13 years old, and we may monitor compliance with this restriction by scanning a photo of your face to ensure that you are over 13 years old. We may also if there is reasonable doubt, ask you to verify your identity. 

If we learn that a child under the age of thirteen has provided us with personal information, we will use reasonable efforts to remove the individual’s personal information from our records. We do not knowingly sell or share information about users who are under the age of 16.

Depending on applicable laws in the country where you reside, we may require parental consent before you can use YUBO.

In addition, age separation rules have been defined within each of YUBO's features. It means that you will not be able to interact with users of all ages on YUBO but only with users in your age range.



As an employer, TWELVE APP processes the personal data of candidates who apply for a job in our company, whether on the website, by mail or email, or via a job platform where we publish job offers. 

This usually includes the processing of data relating to the candidate’s professional background, education, references, qualifications, remuneration, and the analysis of documents such as a CV and cover letter provided by the candidate. 

This information will be processed for the purpose of talent acquisition, reviewing applications, arranging interviews and tests, communicating with the candidate about his or her application, and managing the recruitment process. The data will be kept for up to 2 years after the last contact with the candidate, or sooner if requested by the latter. This retention period allows the candidate to stay informed of opportunities that might interest him or her. 

We rely onTWELVE APP’s legitimate interestsas a legal basis for processing your personal data under this Section 11.



Should you have any questions concerning the application, interpretation, or enforcement of this Privacy Policy or requests concerning your personal data, you can contact us:

  • By completing the online contact form on the YUBO website ( or directly via the application;
  • By sending an e-mail to; or
  • By writing to us at the following postal address: TWELVE-APP – Privacy, 59 rue de Ponthieu, bureau 562, 75008 Paris, France.



We will update this Privacy Policy from time to time to take into account any technical, economic, regulatory, or legal evolution, or if we change our practices regarding the processing of personal data, especially to comply with any changes in applicable laws and regulations, or if we change our practices regarding the processing of personal data.

We will notify you in advance, by any appropriate means, of significant changes to this Privacy policy. Usually, this will be done through an in-app notification. Following advanced notification, your continued use of any website or app operated by TWELVE APP or under the YUBO brand, and/or when you use any product or service provided by TWELVE APP, means you accept these changes.


Last update: 7 October 2022


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