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YUBO is a social live-streaming platform that connects millions of young people all over the world. Our goal is to provide a safe and trusted space so that all users can have a positive and respectful experience on YUBO. Protecting our users as well as their privacy is a major priority for us.

That’s why we only use your personal data to improve your experience on the platform or to send you information about Yubo. As such, we commit to use your personal data only when related to the use of the platform and to send you information about YUBO. You can rest assured that we will never give or sell your personal data to anyone, especially advertisers

In our Privacy Policy, you’ll find all the information you need on how we process personal data. Please read it carefully, and remember that it applies every time you use Yubo.

We have made the policy as clear and accessible as possible, but if you have any questions about it or about how your data is being used, please contact our team at


When you use the YUBO App (“YUBO”) or any of TWELVE-APP SAS’s (“TWELVE-APP,” “we,” or “us”) websites, content, services, applications, or products (the foregoing services and the YUBO App constitute the “Services”) we collect information about you (“Personal Data”). This means data that lets you identify yourself directly, like your family name, first name or your image, or indirectly such as your password, phone number, or your browsing or session data. 




It’s TWELVE-APP SAS. We are a French company and our head office is at 59 rue de Ponthieu, bureau 562, 75008 Paris, France.

TWELVE-APP SAS publishes the YUBO App, a social network that enables you to make friends and chat with them, in particular through live video.



In order to operate the Services, we collect the information (i) which you provide to us directly, as well as (ii) data which we collect automatically, within the territory where we provide our services and where the user is located.


(i) Data you provide to us directly

Registration data: in order to be able to use the YUBO App, you must create an account and provide us with the following personal details:

  • Your mobile number (which is not shared with other users)
  • Your name and pseudonym (both of which are visible to other users)
  • Your date of birth: other users will be able to see your age but not your full date of birth. 
  • Your gender: you can choose to specify it or not. This information will not be visible to other users.
  • Your profile picture: the photo that you choose to use as your profile picture must be of you. This will allow other users to identify you on YUBO App and allow us to prevent the creation of false profiles in order to provide a better experience for you and other users.
  • The password that will enable you to log into your account. This data is not visible to other users, and you should never share your password with other users. 

All the foregoing information is mandatory in order for you to create your profile and to register on the YUBO App.

You may, if you so wish, complete other sections of your profile (emoji biog, social networks, e-mail). This information is optional.


Data concerning your interaction with the YUBO App: if you report a problem to us, request help or exercise your rights, we will process the information you provide to us.

In addition, in case of reasonable doubt as to your age, we may ask you to verify your age and ask you for the following information:

  • Copy of your ID document or school card (which is not shared with other users and is immediately deleted after verification by our teams).
  • A short video of you pronouncing 3 random words (which is not shared with other users and of which we only keep a screenshot after our teams have checked it).


Data concerning your location (geolocation): subject to your consent, we collect and process data concerning your location. This enables you, depending on your settings, to include the town/city where you are located in your profile and/or to suggest people in your town/city to add as friends. Your city is hidden by default unless you change the settings to make it visible. If you no longer wish us to know your location, simply untick the relevant box in your account settings. We will therefore no longer be able to display your town/city or suggest meeting nearby friends.


Data concerning content: the photos and/or videos that you decide to upload to your profile will be visible to all users. Be careful what you share with others and don’t forget that all users can save the content you share and that we cannot do anything to stop this and therefore bear no liability for any loss or damage related to it. When you are using the Services, be aware that it is possible to deactivate screenshots and screen-record (images and video) by other users in the application, but it is also possible for other users to make screenshots and screen-record (images and video) using the tools on their device, over which we have no control and therefore bear no liability for any loss or damage related to it. The same goes for the videos you post and comments you make via the YUBO App live video service. 

The messaging service is only available to users who are friends. We may apply filters to your messages to warn you about sending or requesting potentially unsafe content.  Otherwise, messages exchanged between users remain private and are not forwarded to other users or third parties under any circumstances, except in the event of a judicial inquiry and/or in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.


Data concerning search preferences: you can configure your settings for privacy and discovery settings by going to ‘Settings’ in your account. You can also use your settings to choose to meet female friends, male friends or both. You can also choose whether or not you wish your contacts that are registered on YUBO to be able to find you and send you a friend request via the application.


Device address book: as YUBO App is an application for making friends and staying in touch with friends, you are permitted to identify your contacts who are already registered on the YUBO App and to add them, if you so wish, as friends on the application. You can also choose to send a message to your contacts who are not on the YUBO App to ask them to join you on the app. In order for us to provide this service, we need access to your address book, which we will use to collect data for the above purpose only. We will never add your contacts without your permission, or send them communications that you do not authorize.


Cameras and photos: in order to be able to send and upload your photos from your camera, you must give us permission to access them.


(i) Data we collect automatically

Data concerning your activity on the Services: when you use the Services, we can collect and process information such as the date you register, the date you last logged in, your interactions with other users (for example, number of likes or dislikes via swipes) and your posts. 


Data concerning devices and hardware: we collect information from and on the devices and hardware you use to access the Services such as your IP address, your device type, advertising identifier (e.g., Google’s AAID and Apple’s IDFA, both of which are randomly generated numbers that you can reset by going to your device settings), application bugs, version and language, operating system, etc.


Face geometry: with your consent, we may process your face geometry for the following processings: 

  • Age estimation: we may use your pictures to estimate your age with the help of our partner Yoti Ltd, an English company acting through its Californian subsidiary Yoti (USA) Inc. for users based in the United States. This data processing is always done in Yoti’s UK based servers.

In certain States of the United States, some of this data may be considered as biometric information for the residents of certain States of the United States. In any case, we always ask for your consent before processing this data. We only share your pictures with Yoti and Yoti , and only communicates to us the results of the age estimation.  You can object to the age estimation in your settings. 


  • Identity verification: We may also use your face geometry to make an identity verification based on an identity document (e.g., ID card or passport), and a picture or a video, using our partner Yoti’s technology. You must create a Yoti account to verify your identity, and any information you provide to Yoti is subject to its terms and privacy policy. We only receive a proof of your identity from our partner Yoti.


Face detection: when we have your consent or based on our legitimate interest when allowed by law, we analyze profile pictures to filter out pictures that do not show a face, and we may also use information from Apple’s TrueDepth camera to improve the quality of our augmented reality experiences.



When we collect and process your Personal Data, we may do so for the following reasons:

To enable you to access and use the Services: this actually means that you are performing the contract we have with you, which corresponds to our Terms of Service, which includes this Privacy Policy. For example, when you use the Services, we use your data to operate your account, make your profile accessible, suggest friends, send your messages and the content you share, broadcast your videos live, to recommend additional ways for you to use the Services, TWELVE-APP’s affiliates and entities that provide services to you or us.

In the legitimate interests of TWELVE-APP SAS: we may use your data if we have a legitimate reason to do so. For example, we process data for administrative purposes, to guard against fraudulent and illegal conduct (e.g.: false age), and to ensure that the application remains secure.

To fulfil a legal obligation: we are required, for example, to keep data identifying new content and to forward it to the authorities if requested to do so.

With your consent or that of your legal guardian: while we process data with your consent, you may withdraw such consent at any time by going to ‘Settings’ or deleting your account.



We collect, use and store your Personal Data described in Section 2 of this Privacy Policy in order to process your requests, manage our relationship with you and your use of the Services, optimize the Services and tools in order to create and maintain a secure environment, and fulfill our legal obligations, as explained below.

Managing our relationship and access to the Services

  • To create and manage your user account (including access to YUBO services and Help);
  • Geolocate you to put you in touch with friends nearby;
  • To manage and store messages exchanged between users who have become friends and live videos;
  • Where appropriate, to show you offers and content we think you’ll like, in particular when using certain paid services (e.g., YUBO’s ‘Power Pack’);
  • To send information messages concerning the Services and your interactions with other users (Notifications) and inform you of different ways to use the Services;
  • To improve the quality of our augmented reality experiences, information from the TrueDepth camera is used in real time. We don’t store this information on our servers or share it with third parties.


Security and fulfilment of legal and contractual obligations;

  • To respond to requests from and fulfil the requirements of applicable laws, administrative and judicial authorities, law enforcement officials and legal officers, and to abide by court decisions;
  • To identify and prevent fraudulent activity and threats to the security of the Services pursuant to and in accordance with the law;
  • To analyze reports concerning users who have breached our Terms of Service and/or our legal rights;
  • To improve the safety and security of our services;
  • To use information collected via cookies or any other technology to improve our services and your user experience. You can read our Cookies Policy by clicking here;
  • To enforce or defend our legal rights, including our rights under our Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy;
  • To counter fraud (for example related to age), confirm your identity, and fight against any use of the Services that is illegal or contrary to our Terms. We take measures to detect inappropriate content such as explicit language, emojis with hidden meaning, sexual images (e.g., nude or underwear photos), gore, violence, terror, racism, extremism, drugs, self-harm, suicide, gamble, infringement of others’ rights, and other illegal or harmful content. Posting such content is a violation of our Terms of Service, and we may remove it and suspend or ban users who post it.



You can delete your account at any time by clicking on the relevant button in your ‘Settings’. When you delete your account, you will no longer be able to communicate through the Services, and your profile will no longer be accessible.

We will only keep your Personal Data for the period of time required to fulfil the purposes for which we collected it, unless we are permitted or required by law to keep it for a longer period of time. Generally, we will delete your Personal Data as soon as you delete your account, unless:

  • We are required to retain it as proof that we comply with the legislation in force (e.g. recordings of consent to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other similar consents are retained for five years);
  • We need the information to resolve a dispute or exercise or defend our legal rights;
  • We must retain the data consistent with our legitimate commercial interests, for example in order to prevent fraud and improve users’ safety and security. For example, we may be required to retain data in order to prevent a user who has been banned from opening a new account due to their illegal or dangerous conduct or a security incident.

If we check your age, we immediately delete your ID document or school card after verification and only keep a screenshot from the short video that you will have sent us.

Personal data, and especially biometric data, collected for the estimation of your age with our partner Yoti Ltd. are immediately deleted by Yoti Ltd. after we received the result of the age estimation, and we only store the result of the estimation in accordance with this section, we do not store or use your biometrics for any other purpose.



TWELVE-APP does not sell Personal Data. We disclose Personal Data as described below.

TWELVE-APP Personnel. Our authorized employees may access and process your Personal Data as necessary to provide the Services. 

Sharing that You Direct and Control.  Sharing content and information about yourself if integral to the Services.  When you post information through the Services, send messages to your friends, or otherwise communicate through the Services, we share your Personal Data consistent with your account settings.

Service Providers.  We may share any of the categories of Personal Data described in Section 2 of this Privacy Policy with service providers to help us operate and improve the Services. For example, we may use service providers to host Personal Data and/or the Services; study or analyze the use and/or operation of the Services; detect and mitigate fraud or abuse of the Services; and provide assistance requested by users.

YouTube Integration. You may choose to integrate YouTube videos into your live videos. To use this feature, you must authorize us to share information with YouTube, which becomes subject to YouTube’s terms and policies. If you would like to know more about how YouTube processes data, we recommend that you review the YouTube Terms of Services and the Google Privacy Policy. We do not control and are not responsible for any Personal Data or other information you share with YouTube.

Change of Ownership.  If we are involved in a bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, reorganization, or sale of assets, we may sell or transfer your Personal Data as part of that transaction. This Privacy Policy will continue to apply to Personal Data transferred to the new entity. 

Affiliates. We may also disclose Personal Data about you to our corporate affiliates to help operate the Services.

Legal Obligations and Public Safety. Lastly, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Privacy Policy or any of the account settings or controls we offer in connection with the Services, we may provide Personal Data to law enforcement, judicial, or administrative authorities to comply with legal obligations; in response to lawful orders or requests; to protect the safety of any person; to preserve the security and integrity of the Services or to protect the rights or property of us or other users of the Service.



In order for your Personal Data to be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy, such data may be transferred to one or more other countries that may or may not be within yours.

We use mechanisms recognized by applicable regulations, such as standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, to govern such transfers.



TWELVE-APP uses technical and organizational measures to protect Personal Data again loss, misuse, alteration and erasure.

Nevertheless, there is no ‘zero risk’ on the Internet and we cannot guarantee at 100% the security of your Personal Data.



In General.  You have the right to access your Personal Data and to request that it be corrected, adjusted, completed, updated. 

You may also request that your Personal Data be deleted (or you can delete your account in the “Settings” section of the application), request a copy, limit or refuse the processing of your Data, or request that it be limited within the terms of current legislation. 

You may ask to exercise your right to data portability; in other words, your right to receive your Personal Data in a frequently used structured format and your right to send such data to another processor. As indicated in Section 3 above, your data is processed with your consent and you can withdraw your consent at any time by going to “Settings”.

You also have the right to issue instructions as to how your Personal Data should be used after you die. 

In order to exercise your rights, we may ask you for further information to confirm your identity. 

You may submit your request, or have an authorized agent submit your request, by sending an e-mail to, or sending a letter to the address listed in Section 11 of this Privacy Policy, or on YUBO in the ‘Help’ section. 

We will do our utmost to fulfil your requests, but don’t forget that this right is not unlimited and must be exercised according to the conditions of current legislation. Any request to exercise your rights should be reasonable. Where necessary, we will explain the reasons why we are unable to meet your request. If applicable, we may also charge a fee to cover necessary costs arise from the request to review or obtain copies of the Personal Data.

We will not discriminate against you for exercising any of the rights described in this section. However, refusing and/or limiting all or part of the use of your Personal Data will impact the way you register and use the Services. Consequently, after you make certain requests, we may be unable to provide part or all of the Services to you.

Content Removal for Users Under Age 18.  If you are a California resident and are under the age of 18, you may request the removal of content you have posted by sending an email to All requests state “California Removal Request” in the email subject line and provide a description of the content that is reasonably sufficient to permit us to locate the content. We do not accept requests for removal through other means.  We may not be able to respond if you do not provide sufficient information about the content you want removed, and we may not remove content if consistent with applicable law (e.g., the content was posted or shared by a third party).

Do Not Track. FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY, We do not respond to Do Not Track signals that your browser may send to us.

Should you have any other complaint, please contact the appropriate national data protection authority.



Our Services are not directed to children under the age of 13. If you are between the ages of 13 and 17, we may require your parent or legal guardian to consent to your use of the Services. We do not knowingly sell Personal Data about users under the age of 16.



Should you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy or requests concerning your Personal Data, you can contact us:

  • By completing the online contact form on the YUBO website ( or directly via the application;
  • By sending an e-mail to; or
  • By writing to us at the following postal address: TWELVE-APP – Privacy, 59, rue de Ponthieu, bureau 562, 75008 Paris, France.


Updates to our Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, in particular for us to comply with current regulations, or in case of changes to the way we use your Personal Data. Please check this Privacy Policy frequently to learn about changes to the Privacy Policy.

We will notify you through the YUBO App or by email (if you have provided your email address to us) before changing this Privacy Policy in ways that we determine, in our sole discretion, to be material. By continuing to use the Services after changes to our Privacy Policy, you provide your full acceptance of those changes and the Privacy Policy as a whole.


Last updated: March 30th, 2022

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