In-App Verification - Common rejection reasons


Rejection Reasons

Rejected Video

Here are the most common reasons which can explain why your video has been rejected:

  • The video was taken in a dark room, making it hard for us to identify you. If you have a lot of neon lights in your room, this can also make it very hard for our team to properly see you in the video
  • You haven't pronounced the 3 words that you had to pronounce
  • The video has a really low resolution, making it hard for us to identify you
  • You didn't film yourself on the video
  • You’re wearing a pullover/cap/hat. Please make sure to not cover your head 

Rejected School ID Card

Here are the most common reasons which can explain why your school card has been rejected:

  • You're under 13, which means that you sadly cannot use Yubo yet 
  • You're in Grade 7 or Grade 12
  • In case your school card doesn’t display your DOB, we’ll only be able to accept it if it shows both your grade and school year
  • Your school card doesn't display your photo
  • You haven't sent us a photo of a school card

Invalid ID

We've listed below the most common reasons that could explain this:

  • The person on the video/ID isn’t the account owner
  • We do not accept this ID type for your country
  • Your ID document looks altered and/or edited

Unreadable ID

You'll find here the most common reasons triggering this notification:

  • You haven't taken a photo of both the front and the back of the ID
  • The resolution of the picture is too low and we can barely read it
  • The photo is really dark and it's complicated for our team to analyze the card properly
  • We cannot see the whole document (all 4 corners need to be visible)

My age doesn't match my grade

We sadly cannot accept your school card if your age doesn't match the usual age of students in this grade. We know there are many reasons why it can happen, you could have skipped a grade or repeated one, but this is a safety measure on our end for this test run.

Exception: this can work if your school card displays your full DOB.

Rejected for lack of qualifying profile picture

Our team hasn't been able to match your appearance with at least one profile picture. Make sure you've got a verification-friendly profile picture uploaded.

Once you've understood why your request has been rejected, you simply need to submit a new one while making sure to fix the concerned part. We'll be making sure to check your new request within 24 hours .

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