Manual Verification - How to

It's possible that you cannot use Yoti or our In App Verification. If that's the case, don't worry, we've got another way to verify your account 🔥

❗❗Please take the time to read this carefully ❗❗

❗❗Make also sure to have at least one pic of you on your Yubo profile with your face fully visible❗❗

How to do that

You'll need to contact our team on this page

Make sure the form looks like this:



➙ We need you to add 3 pictures (jpg or png):

  • A picture of your ID (school cards are fine if and only if we can see your grade and school year ). Here's a list of IDs that are ok
  • A picture of you holding your ID next to your face. Your face needs to be fully visible
  • A picture of you holding a note that says 'Yubo Team' and today's date. Your face needs to be fully visible


Hit then Submit! We'll be back in touch shortly to complete the verification 🤘


What else

➙ If you can use Yoti, we recommend you to do the verification through In-App, it'll be faster.

Verification checklist

1 - I've sent 3 pics to Yubo:

  • A picture of one of the supported IDs (if school card, my grade and school year are fully visible)
  • A picture of me holding my ID next to my face. My face is fully visible
  • A picture of me holding a 'Yubo Team' sign and today's date. My face is fully visible

2 - I've made sure I've got a verification-friendly picture of me in my Yubo profile (good lighting - I'm alone on the pic - no filters)

If that's the case, awesome job! 💪





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