What are Sparks?

Sparks allow you to post short messages along with your first profile picture. These messages are visible to new people who are online at the moment. It's like setting off a flare to catch someone's attention and start chatting.

Key benefits of Sparks:

  • Express what you want to chat about with others who are online.
  • Initiate conversations and make new friends in real-time.
  • Sparks last for 20 minutes, keeping interactions fresh and immediate.
  • Power Pack and Elite Pack subscribers get 1 free Spark every week. You can also use 100 YuBucks to post a Spark. 

How to post a Spark:

  1. Navigate to chat: Open the Yubo app and go to the chat section.
  2. Access Sparks: Tap on "Sparks" to access the Spark feature.
  3. Create a Spark: Select "Post a Spark" to compose your message.
  4. Craft your message: Enter a short message of up to 140 characters. Be creative and engaging! Ensure your message complies with our community guidelines.
  5. Post your Spark: Tap on "Post Spark" to make your Spark go live for the next 20 minutes.

Tips for sparking engaging conversations:

  • Be genuine and friendly in your message.
  • Share something interesting about yourself or what you're up to.
  • Ask questions to encourage replies and initiate conversations.
  • Respect the community guidelines and keep interactions positive.
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