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AutoMessage allows Power Pack subscribers to message new friends automatically without having to type the same sentence or phrase over and over again. 

Enabling AutoMessage

  • Method 1: Create a Saved Message and enable “Send to each new friend.”
  • Method 2: Alternatively, you can tap “Set as AutoMessage” or “AutoMessage new friends” and then follow the instructions to set your AutoMessage.

  • Your AutoMessage will be sent to each new friend you make from now on. 

NOTE: Your AutoMessage will not be sent to new friends that you’ve already made.

Crafting your AutoMessage

  • Make your AutoMessage intriguing and engaging by asking interesting questions or sharing topics you enjoy discussing.
  • Avoid generic greetings like "hey, what's up" and aim for a message that encourages meaningful conversation.
  • Ensure that your AutoMessage complies with our Community Guidelines.
  • Respect the privacy and boundaries of other users and engage in conversations that are respectful and inclusive.

Disabling and editing your AutoMessage

  • If you disable AutoMessage, it will become a Saved Message that you can manually send to new friends at any time. It will appear in the chat next to preset messages like “Hey” and “👋”.
  • To disable or edit your AutoMessage, tap either the “AutoMessage set” or “Auto-sent” buttons. 

We hope AutoMessage helps you make new friends even faster! Remember to craft a message that a diverse audience will be likely to answer and always follow the Community Guidelines.

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