What is Turbo Mode?

Turbo Mode is a premium weekly subscription that enhances your Yubo experience by giving you one Turbo each day. These Turbos are special because they are strategically launched automatically at peak times, maximizing your chances of making meaningful connections.

How it works:

1. Daily Automatic Launch: With Turbo Mode, you receive a daily Turbo that is automatically launched at the most opportune time each day.

2. Notification Alert: You'll receive a notification just before your automatic Turbo launch, giving you the flexibility to log in and swipe right during this time to increase your chances of matching. 

3. Effortless Matching: Alternatively, you can relax and let Turbo Mode take the lead. Sit back, chill, and check to see who you’ve matched with later. 

Key Benefits:

Perfect Timing: By launching Turbos automatically at peak times each day, Turbo Mode significantly boosts your chances of connecting with new and interesting people.


Turbo Mode is designed to make your Yubo experience easier and increase your chances of making new friends. Activate Turbo Mode today and get ready for a wave of new friends!



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