How do I report an emergency situation on Yubo?




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    My user number is 0761700763 and please can you delete my accoun

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    Andreas engstrom

    My konto is bocked lock upp it my Phoebe nummer is 0761075260

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    The Boss

    You guys blocked the app from my phone and I can’t get on it, but I did absolutely nothing wrong my username is @optimistic.darius and can y’all email me if you guys can unban me

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    kaley strawder

    My account was blocked I removed everything that may have caused it. It has been weeks and still no change

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    Akiwen E

    hi! i’ve recently received a message concerning the availability of my account (it’s blocked), and i was wondering if there was anything i could do about it. i’ve already removed any and all things from my profile that could have been the cause to the ban, and still nothing is yet to change. i’m not sure if this is some sort of bug, but i’d like it to be fixed as soon as possible! thank you!

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