Your Contract at a Glance

Your Contract at a Glance


Last Update: February 2023



Yubo is a live streaming platform, developed by a French company called TWELVE-APP, allowing you to make new friends online and connect with new people anywhere in the world. 



What do we mean by terms of service? The “terms of service”, or “terms”, of an application or a platform are the conditions to access and use it. It is a contract between you and us.

What does it mean to accept the terms? To access and use Yubo, you should accept and agree to comply with these terms, which also include our Community Guidelines. You should also read our Privacy Policy and our Cookie Policy.

 What are the requirements to accept the terms? You can sign up for Yubo only if: 

  • You should be able to execute a contract;
  • You are at least 13 years old;
  • You have the consent of your parent or legal guardian to use Yubo if you are under the age of digital consent in your country;
  • You have never been convicted of a sexual offense; 
  • Your account is not suspended for violation of these terms or our Community Guidelines. 

Be respectful of these rules! If we have any evidence or serious reason to suspect that you do not comply with these rules, we can suspend your account and prevent you from accessing Yubo. 



How to create an account? To access Yubo and create an account, you should:

  • Have a smartphone with an appropriate operating system (Android or iOS);  
  • Provide accurate personal information such as your name, date of birth and a picture; 
  • Not create an account using any identity other than your own.

What if you want to create an account because yours is suspended? If your account has been suspended for breaching these terms, you are not allowed to create another account.

Be aware that, thanks to technologies such as age estimation at sign-up, we can detect false declarations of age and fake accounts. We can verify your identity using an ID document if we have any doubt about your age and/or identity.

You should also know that we apply age gates in Yubo, meaning that users in different age groups may not communicate and interact. 



What is Yubo for? Yubo is a mobile app to allow you to make new friends from anywhere in the world, on which you can create an account for free, and use our free feature: the Lives, the Swipes and the Chat.

Are there any paid services? You can buy our digital coins called ‘YuBucks’ and exchange them to unlock “powers”, or to collect or send Pixels to other users, which are collectible content. Powers will allow you for instance to boost the visibility of a live-streaming. You can also subscribe to packs to obtain a certain amount of powers, or YuBucks, every week or month for instance.

How long do subscriptions last? There are different subscription durations, but you should know that they all renew for the same duration at the end of an ongoing subscription. To terminate a subscription, go to your device’s settings. Subscriptions are managed by the application marketplace of your operating system (AppStore or Google PlayStore). We provide more information about this here for Apple and here for Google

Be aware that if you have a subscription pack, deleting your account will not terminate your subscription. However, if you delete your account, all the YuBucks, powers and Pixels on the account will be permanently deleted. We will not refund subscriptions that you did not stop, neither YuBucks, powers or Pixels that you deleted!



What do we mean by intellectual property? Our application, website, logo, and all materials related to our services are our property and it is not possible to use them without our authorization. And we authorize you to use our application and its content, as long as you respect these terms. 



What about the content you create on Yubo? You are the owner of the content you create on Yubo. But to use Yubo, you need to authorize us to use this content.

What if someone uses your content without your authorization? Please notify us by using the form here.


How can you use Yubo? Yubo is designed for you to express yourself freely, have fun and connect with other users. However, this should not be at the expense of the well-being and safety of others, or in violation of applicable laws, or our Community Guidelines. 

How not to use Yubo? We cannot allow some conducts on Yubo:

  • Commercial communications: do not advertise or sell things, or spam other users;
  • Use of others’ information or intellectual property: do not use the information, image, voice, of anyone without their approval, or someone else’s intellectual property;
  • Disrupting the app’s operation: do not try to hack the app in any way, or use the app in a way that you know is abusive and may affect our service;
  • Post illegal or inappropriate content: do not post content that would be discriminatory, racist, violent, defamatory, of sexual nature, nudity, pornographic, or would constitute bullying or intimidation.

Be aware that we filter and delete content that we consider to be in violation with these terms. We also suspend any account for conduct that breaches these terms and report unlawful content and activity to law enforcement. 



What is this feature? When you are live-streaming on Yubo, you can view and share YouTube videos. 



What kinds of content or conduct should you notify? We do not have to monitor everything on Yubo. But, to comply with some laws, and to offer a safe environment to our users, we participate to the fight against certain offences such as child sexual abuse, discrimination, harassment, apology for terrorism, or denial of crimes against humanity, incitement to hatred, violence, terrorist acts, suicide and gamble, or inappropriate behaviors described in our Community Guidelines.

How can you help us make Yubo a safe space for its community? We encourage you to report any content or user that you feel is inappropriate on Yubo. You can do this from this form, or directly in the App, by clicking on the shield icon of a user’s profile, a live video, a chat, a content and select the relevant reason for your report. Please, provide as much information as you can to speed up our action. 



What is the “liability”? It is the state of being legally responsible for something.

How do we limit our liability? Yubo is provided "as is" and we disclaim any legal responsibility for the quality, safety or reliability of our Service. Especially, we disclaim any legal responsibility for the use of Yubo by its users, or if you decide to recklessly meet a user in real life. If we were found liable, when it is legally possible, we would not be liable to pay you more than $100.



How long can you use Yubo? As long as you are using your account in respect of these terms, there is no limit in time for you to use Yubo. Also, you can terminate our contract by deleting your account. 

Can we terminate your use of Yubo? Yes, if you break these terms or our Community Guidelines, we may suspend your account and terminate our contract.

What happens if we terminate your account because you broke our rules and that you still have YuBucks, powers or Pixels on your account? You will lose them! So, do not break these terms.

What happens if you do not use Yubo for too long? If you do not connect to your account for over 2 years, we will consider you as inactive and delete your account.



What does it mean? Basically, if a judge says that a part of these terms is voided, the rest of the terms still applies.



What if we have a dispute? First, please try talking with us. Contact us via this form. If we cannot come to an agreement, you can try mediation services or, for U.S. residents, arbitration. Also, U.S. residents waive their right to jury trial and class actions.



What law is applicable to these terms? When possible, it is French law. 

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